Home Improvement Made Easy With ‘Click And Improve’

When I come across anything that makes my life simpler and less stressful I absolutely must share it! It’s the reason I created this blog in the first place.  You see, I’m from a small town in MD where everything I needed was pretty much at my fingertips. If I wanted a plumber, there was a small, family-owned little shop downtown that took care of everyone in the community. My neighbors and I used the same company to do our landscaping work, and so on. Appointments could be set up on the telephone and your service taken care of within that day. When I moved to NYC I discovered it wasn’t that simple! Everything is very much scattered, there are sooo many more options to choose from, and there is always a long wait!  It can be daunting, to say the least.

I was really intrigued to learn about Click And Improve, an online-based home improvement company. The way it works is that you visit their website to browse through a list of their hundreds of services offered. The website is well-organized and really easy to navigate (which is important to me!) You’re asked 4-5 general questions about the service you’re requesting, which helps personalize your request and hone in on what you need. After you purchase your service online you get a call back within 15 minutes. At this time you’re quickly matched with a provider in your area and then given access to an online gallery of their previous work, as well as information about their qualifications and licensures.

From painting to cleaning to repairs, Click And Improve covers most home improvement projects that you can think of! Although some services arent 24/7 (like painting) many emergency services are (i.e., power outage/plumbing/locksmith issues, etc.). Click And Improve provide services to the 5 boroughs, including Nassau and Suffolk, and some parts of Jersey and Connecticut.

When my husband and I were invited to review one of the services offered by Click And Improve we opted for a cleaning of our 3-bedroom apartment. With two kids ages 3 and under, and both of us working full-time, that’s certainly a task no one likes! After chatting on the phone with someone from the Click And Improve team, I was able to schedule an appointment for the next day! A lovely husband and wife team came to our home – they arrived a few minutes early and with all their cleaning supplies in tow. The couple was friendly and extremely professional.  After giving them a few basic instructions, we stepped out to allow them space. When we returned our home was sparkling from top to bottom! I was so impressed with the job they did and will definitely be using their services again.

As a busy, working mom I really love knowing that there is a live website available at my fingertips that I can rely on anytime I need something around the house done. The service is extremely affordable and takes all the legwork out of having to find someone on my own – which  saves a tremendous amount of time and energy!  “Like” Click and Improve on Facebook and join them on Twitter to stay updated on special offers and fun promotions!


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