SpudBob SquarePants Mr. Potato Head & SpongeBob ShakyPants Review


Family favorite television network Nickelodeon has teamed up with Hasbro and Jakks Pacific to create a fun new lineup of products for the holiday season. We had the opportunity to review an especially cool toy called SpudBob SquarePants.  Of course, this cute little guy is based on the loveable SpongeBob character that everyone loves! My preschooler happens to be a huge SpongeBob fan – and I love Mr. Potato Head because it’s not only fun play but also teaches basic body concepts, problem solving, and promotes hand-eye coordination.  

SpudBob SquarePants comes with eight pieces, however, since we already own the classic Mr. Potato Head my son loved mixing and matching the various body parts and creating silly and strange Mr. Potato Head characters.  As soon as we hear the theme music for the SpongeBob Squarepants show he immedietely darts to his teddy bear backpack (where he stores all his Mr. Potato Head parts) and runs to watch the show with his new toy. This toy has provided him with so many hours of creative fun!

Of course, having two boys close in age, there’s no way you can give one child an exciting new toy and not the other… and sharing isn’t always an option at this age.  I also reviewed SpongeBob ShakyPants by Jakks Pacific!  This fun, plush toy chatters endlessly when you pull his tongue and when you shake him or turn him upside down he shakes with laughter! I just love the easy interactive element to the toy, and it’s the perfect stuffed companion for my younger son. He always runs for his SpongeBob ShakyPants when he sees his older brother playing with SpudBob, and it seems to make him feel a “big boy” since he’s playing with something that looks similar to his older brother’s toy.

I can’t believe SpongeBob has been around for 10 years already! I love the new toys that come out every year based on this absolutely adorable and silly sea creature. You can find these toys and more at PlaySkool and Jakks Pacific.

Disclosure: I received both Nickelodeon products for review purposes only. No other compensation was provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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