Playskool Poppin’ Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper Review

This fall, parent go-to brand Playskool has introduced a new line of fun infant products and I was given the opportunity to review some of their offerings.  Since I have a 12-month-old as well as a 2 1/2 year old I decided to go with a toy that could possibly entertain them both. I selected the Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper for review as I liked the idea of a musical-themed toy as well as the action-element of the flying balls.

About the Playskool Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper:

“This busy ball popper is in the shape of the character Elefun! Your baby will smile with surprise as the balls pop out the elephant’s trunk, onto the floor, or through the ears and into his belly! With a movable trunk, mom can now control the level of play to grow with child. Set includes 10 songs and 5 balls.

Helps with the following areas of learning development: motor skills, social and emotional development, speech and language, physical development, hand-eye coordination,visual development, sound awareness, and creativity.”

Our Review:

Firstly, I should note that removing the product from the box and assembling it was quick and simple. As a mom who really isn’t a fan of having to assemble anything, that was important to me.  Once put together the popper elephant is super cute. I love the bright, fun colors used and the fact that there’s such a strong learning component to it.

Unfortunately, my kids weren’t able to begin playing with our new toy right away as the product didn’t come with the four D batteries that it requires.  (Of course, it states that very clearly on the outside of the box – but who reads the box? :-) ) This seemed unusual for a toy product, and thus we weren’t prepared. This was frustrating for our boys, who had waited so excitedly while we unpacked the elephant, expecting that they could begin to play right away. However, my husband was able to get to the store a couple hours later, so by the time they had awakened from their nap the toy was good to go!

Once they had explored the toy and learned how to make the balls pop out they started to enjoy it very much! We had expected that our 12 month old would really love the toy but, surprisingly, our 2 1/2 year old was really engaged as well. I think he liked the surprise element of the balls popping out of its trunk. He got a real kick out of making the balls pop out over and over. Meanwhile, our baby was enthralled with the music and danced to the songs that played.

I should note that it’s important that your batteries are fresh, as the balls don’t pop with the same strength as the batteries start to get old. The balls do roll away quickly, so be sure to keep your eyes on where they go so they aren’t lost.  In sum, both of my sons love their musical elephant and it’s been among their favorite toys ever since I gave it to them a few weeks ago – and this is unusual, as they usually grow tired of their toys very quickly!

Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I know William would love that although he is older than your boys. Funny thing is my teenage girls would get a kick out of it! They love to play with toddler toys :-)

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