Peeking Into the World of Invisible Nursery Germs + Diaper Genie II Elite Giveaway!

Last month I shared with you all that I was participating in a campaign with Playtex Baby and germ expert Dr. Tanner to address simple ways that busy moms can maintain a clean and germ-free nursery.  Playtex Baby sent me a germ swab kit and I swabbed the boys’ nursery for germs in preparation for my consultation with Dr. Tanner.  Well the results came in and I’ve since had the opportunity to receive feedback from Dr. Tanner about my son’s nursery as well as tips on how you can properly maintain your own kids’ rooms!

Ready for the results?

Well, they weren’t really that comforting to hear.  However, they also weren’t awful.  After analyzing the swabs from my boys’ changing table, crib rail, nursery doorknob, a plastic toy, and a sippy cup results revealed that our nursery is in “decent” shape. None of our swab tests returned bad germ results (i.e., E.coli) but, rather, lots of “ordinary” germs.  Ordinary germs aren’t necessarily anything to fear, however, it’s still important to try and minimize their spread as this means the boys will be sick less often and disinfectant chemicals can be used less frequently.  The doctor reminded me that diapers and changing table are germ hotspots in the nursery!  He was glad to hear that we are already using the Diaper Genie Elite to dispose of soiled diapers as this goes a long way toward keeping germs from messy diapers from winding up on surfaces.  (Not to mention the smell in our apartment is unbearable when a diaper is thrown away in the regular garbage versus our Diaper Genie Elite – whew!).

It was really helpful to chat with Dr. Tanner as, moving forward, my husband and I now know exactly what we could be doing better to maintain a healthy and hygienic nursery environment.  In fact, I appreciated his advice so much that I asked him if he could pass along a few tips to my readers as well!

Dr. Tanner’s Five Simple Tips for a Clean and Healthy Germ Free Nursery

Learn the ABCs of disinfectants vs. cleaners: Cleaners remove soils, but may still spread germs around, while disinfectants kill germs when used correctly. To use a disinfectant correctly in a nursery, remove your baby from the spray or wipe zone and apply the
product liberally. After the label”specified time elapses, wipe off the surface with a wet cloth to get rid of any residual chemicals so your keep germ levels low.

Know the nursery hot spots: Germ “hot spots” in the nursery are the areas that come in contact with waste in diapers and other body fluids, directly or indirectly. Areas where most bacteria typically gather include the floor, changing table, toys and toy chest, and laundry hamper. These spots should be disinfected at least once a day to kill these bacteria. Make sure to focus on these key areas more than others when disinfecting in the nursery, and use a proper disinfectant, not just a cleaner.

Eliminate germs and messes during change time: The changing table is one of the key hot spots, and the place where diaper messes and germs are transferred.  To help keep these germs at bay keep supplies handy and close by in a dedicated changing area. Get rid of diapers in a hygienic fashion that keeps germs sealed away. The Diaper Genie II Elite Pail seals odor into the pail and out of your nursery unlike an ordinary trash can. Diapers only touch the disposable film, not the pail, so there is one less thing to clean. It also offers a convenient foot pedal, allowing you to hold your child and dispose of a diaper at the same time.

Keep it clean after a change: Keep soap and warm water, or where not available, antibacterial hand wipes nearby to use after changing your baby. This will help stop the spread of germs within the nursery. Place a special, separate hamper inside the nursery to use specifically for heavily soiled baby laundry, which will help prevent bacteria on this laundry from spreading.

Be mindful of germs when sickness creeps in: Take special precautions within the nursery when you or the baby is sick to prevent spread of illness to other children and throughout the rest of the nursery. Disinfect nursery hot spots even more frequently than normal, including the floor, changing table, and laundry hamper, and cover all coughs and sneezes and wash hands before contact with baby and when entering the nursery.

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